It’s a new dawn for Africa’s Payment sector as the FinServ industry plans to implement new payments and upgrade existing infrastructure.

Central Banks in the region have mandated banks to migrate to ISO 20022 standards, from Nigeria, to Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.

To stay ahead of innovation and transformation curve, banks in the region are accelerating their Instant payment system migration strategy by investing in the right Payment Processing Technology Platform, Payment Application Technology Software, Payment Management Technology Platforms and upgrading their Fraud Prevention and Security Infrastructure for a successful rollout.

In light of this, the Future of Payments Africa Digi-Conference is taking place on 2 June 2021 (via Zoom) and will bring together CIOs, CDOs, CTOs, CISOs and Payment and compliance leaders from leading banks in the Africa region who are currently looking at the implementation of the region’s payment system and how to successfully transform to become Instant Payment and ISO2002 compliant.

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